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#Groomed - How SCHOOLS Sexualise YOUR Children


Groomed: How Schools Sexualise Your Children exposes the worrying degree to which politicised, divisive ideologies – including gender theory, critical race theory, queer theory and “transgender toolkits” – are being taught to our children through Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE). #Groomed #Libsoftiktok #OKGroomer



Every day, everywhere, hundreds of thousands of children are being 'groomed' Will you be prepared when traffickers try to target you or your loved ones? Know the signs and apply them. Usually its not 'if,' but 'when?' The answer is usually within hours or days of a child using online social platforms. Most never tell their parents. Contact Missionariesforhope on Facebook to talk about a presentation at your school or organization. This film is the beginning, may it spark action. Please share because this message has LITERALLY saved children from falling into the life-destroying pit of human trafficking. Every like and subscription helps the algorithm to spread this message to more people. Who knows- maybe YOUR share will strike a chord in someone who is at risk of the same dangers.

Groomed | Official Trailer | discovery+


Filmmaker Gwen van de Pas returns to her hometown in search of answers about the man who sexually abused her as a child. Stream Now ► 🤍 Subscribe to discovery+ on YouTube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

GROOMED | Jessie Czebotar


At age 3, Jessie gave her heart to Jesus. A bit over a year later, she was forced into Illuminati training to become the successor of the Queen Mother of Darkness. However, Jessie refused to take her position in the System. In 2019, she started to share her testimony and expertise. Her main goal is to tell the captives of the System and those who fell victim to it, that there is a Way Out. You can find Jessie and her ministry here: 🤍 JOIN THE LIVE CHAT!!!! Become an Exclusive Member: 🤍 *access to exclusive content *Discounts Gosslings Merchandise *Free digital downloads - excerpts - essays - books *FREE MERCH!!! SWAG: 🤍 RUMBLE: 🤍 Find The Gosslings Books at the following locations! *Nick's Kids Books: 🤍 *Jonathan's books: 🤍

Groomed Official Trailer


Groomed- Don't miss this upcoming film you will learn how sex traffickers deceive thousands of people every year in YOUR community! Share with anyone you know people must know how to recognize sex trafficking before its too late! Full Film: 🤍 A big thank you to all the supporters could not have been done without you guys, and without God's clear intervention! Thank you to the Church of Faith in Oldtown ID to Dominion Church in Houston TX To Missionaries for Hope, based in Houston TX And to all actors and supporters- Chad Munson, Rebecca Munson, Brianna

i was groomed at 17 years old


TW: grooming, abuse, predatory behavior. This wasn't an easy one, and I'm still nervous as hell to post it for some reason. But I'm really hoping it helps someone or raises some awareness in general, and that's why I wanted to share my story. ❤️ SUPPORT BLACK LIVES MATTER HERE (petitions to sign, where to donate, and more!): 🤍 New here? Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel! 🤍 Wanna shop my closet and other thrifted finds? Follow me on Poshmark! 🤍 V L O G C H A N N E L: 🤍 T W I T T E R: 🤍 I N S T A G R A M: 🤍 T I K T O K: 🤍 》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》》 Hi there! My name is Carrie Dayton and this channel is all about body confidence, big sis advice, midsize fashion, thrifting, and MORE! My goal is to distract you from the chaos of life for a few minutes throughout the week and (hopefully) encourage you to be kind to your body at any size. SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Wednesday and Saturday (with a few bonus videos in between)! FTC DISCLAIMER: This video is not sponsored. Some links that appear are affiliate links, which I could potentially make commission from. :) For business inquiries ONLY, contact: carriedayton🤍

Grooming & Sexual Abuse


Lucas and Jon show what grooming behavior can look like, how it can feel, and how to see your way out of it. It can be your boss or someone who you think as a friend and mentor.

To stop abuse, we first need to understand grooming | Grace Tame | TEDxSydney


NOTE FROM TED: This talk contains a discussion of child sexual abuse, which some viewers may find to be distressing or objectionable. TEDx events are independently organized by volunteers. The guidelines we give TEDx organizers are described in more detail here: 🤍 At 15, Grace Tame was groomed and raped by her maths teacher. In this powerful talk she reveals how important it is to detangle and understand the complex web of tactics used by perpetrators, if we are to ever stop this abuse from happening. 2021 Australian of the Year, Grace Tame is an outspoken advocate for survivors of sexual assault, particularly those who were abused in institutional settings. From age 15, Grace was groomed and raped by her 58-year-old maths teacher, who was found guilty and jailed for his crimes. However, under Tasmania’s sexual-assault victim gag laws, Grace couldn’t legally speak out about her experience – despite the perpetrator and media being free to do so. Grace has demonstrated extraordinary courage – using her voice to push for legal reform and raise public awareness about the impacts of sexual violence. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at 🤍

How My Friend’s Father Groomed Me - Jen Doyle’s Story


Jen Doyle will discuss her unfortunate experience in today's Unfiltered Stories episode. Jen began to be groomed when she was just 12 years old by a 38-year-old pastor who also happened to be her friend's father. Listen to her story and what unfolded! #Inspiring #TrueStory #UnfilteredStories Our guests sit down with their loved ones to discuss their real-life secrets, difficulties and traumas for the first time. Here, we embrace vulnerability and we celebrate what makes us different, without shame or judgement. Welcome to Unfiltered Stories, it’s time to start healing. 🌅 Thank you for watching! Make sure you hit the 🛎️ BELL ICON 🛎️ to get notifications every time we post new episodes, and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE by clicking this link: ➮ 🤍 🌅 FOLLOW US 🌅 Facebook ➮ 🤍

The Six Stages Of Sexual Grooming Explained By Grace Tame | 10 News First


Grace Tame, Australian of the Year, explains the 6 phases of sexual grooming and shares her own story of how she was a victim at 15-years-old. Subscribe to 10 News First to get the latest updates and breaking news: 🤍 Join the conversation and follow us on: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 10 News First airs at 5pm, seven nights a week in your local market on Network 10. Missed the bulletin? Catch up at 🤍 10 News First is based in Australia and is a division of ViacomCBS.

Grooming Gang Survivor On Her Fight To Survive | Extraordinary Lives | @LADbible ​


Warning: this episode contains content you may find distressing. Kate Elysia is a survivor of gang grooming. Kate was just 18 and at college in Telford when the sexual abuse started - and changed her life forever. In this episode she shares what followed after the first horrific attack, her attempts to report the abusers, developing PTSD, and finally finding ways to break away. This is an episode of Extraordinary Lives, where we speak to people with a unique life story to tell. From a North Korea escapee to an undercover cop, a Cold War spy to a shipwreck survivor. Hosted by LADbible's Ben-Powell Jones, this series is a window into remarkable experiences – with stories that paint a picture of extraordinary lives. Thanks to Kate for taking part! Kate would like other survivors of sexual exploitation know that it can be stopped, you can recover and you're worth more than you know. Kate's twitter: 🤍 Host: Ben Powell-Jones, Twitter: 🤍BenPowellJones 00:00 - 00:11:39 - Introduction 00:11:39 - 00:23:25 - First Attack 00:27:51 - 00:30:18 - Police Failure 00:34:48 - 00:37:48 - Why Do They Do It - Breaking A Humans Will 00:39:00 - 00:51:25 - The Party Incident 00:55;14 - 01:02:03 - Planning An Escape 01:02:03 -01:08:29 - PTSD Attacks 01:08:29 - 01:20:31 - The Second Gang 01:20:31 - 1:11:30 - The Fight For Justice 01:36:08 - 01:42:00 - Life Lesson Subscribe To Our Channel: 🤍 Be In Our Videos: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #LADbible #UNILAD To license this video please email: licensing🤍

Groomed: The Secret Behind Sexual Exploitation | Elizabeth Fisher | TEDxOakLawn


In this eye-opening talk, Elizabeth Fisher talks about how our day to day lives are filled with the trials and tribulations of human trafficking. She focuses on specific psychology and patterns observed, that groom society's inhabitants to look past behaviors that may eventually lead to trafficking. How can we stop this? Find out in this amazing talk on Groomed: The Secret Behind Sexual Exploitation Elizabeth Fisher is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Selah Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on ending human trafficking around the world. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at 🤍

7 Must Know Signs of Grooming by a Sexual Predator


I'm Kati Morton, a licensed therapist making Mental Health videos! #katimorton #therapist #therapy MY BOOK Are u ok? A Guide To Caring Your Mental Health 🤍 JOURNALING CLUB Every Tuesday & Friday I post a journal prompt to help keep you motivated and working on yourself. Whether you add the prompts to your own journal at home or use the comment section under the prompt itself, this can be a great way to keep on track with journaling. Join here: 🤍 ONLINE THERAPY I do not currently offer online therapy. BetterHelp can connect you with a licensed, online counselor, please visit: 🤍 I receive commissions on referrals and recommend services I know and trust. MY AMAZON RECOMMENDATIONS 🤍 PATREON Are you interested in supporting the creation of mental health videos? If so, please visit: 🤍 PODCASTS Opinions That Don't Matter! & Ask Kati Anything! video: Audio versions: 🤍 🤍 BUSINESS EMAIL: Linnea Toney linnea🤍 PO Box: 1223 Wilshire Blvd. #665 Santa Monica, CA 90403 PLEASE READ If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call a local emergency telephone number or go immediately to the nearest emergency room.

I Was Groomed At 14 | Storytime


TW - drinking, dr*gs, miscarriage, statutory r*pe, pr*datory behaviour Thank you all for helping me on my journey. *UK Helplines - Childline - 0800 1111 🤍 Samaritans 24 hour line (free phone) - 116 123 or text SHOUT to 85258 National S*icide Prevention 24/7 - 0800 689 5652 🤍 *US Helplines - Trevor Project Lifeline (confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ+ youth): 866-488-7386 Text START to 678-678 National S*icide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Treatment referral hotline - 🤍 Number - 1-800-662-4357 🤍 * Worldwide helplines - 🤍 Be safe, guys x FOLLOW ME Instagram - 🤍EmilyBoo_Official TikTok - 🤍EmilyBooBoo Facebook - 🤍 Help support my channel on Patreon - 🤍 * Like * Comment * Subscribe *

What Is A Groomer?


What is a Groomer? From Salem to Stonewall, history repeats itself. - Liked this video? Make a one time donation to us on PayPal: 🤍 🤍hootsyoutube : Support to Patreon: 🤍 Follow on Twitter: 🤍 Send a Gift: 🤍 Satanic Panic: 🤍 Save Our Children: 🤍 Caelan: Support me on Patreon! 🤍 One time tips on Ko-Fi!: 🤍 Follow on Twitter: 🤍 Send a Gift: 🤍 Thank you to all who lent their voices: (In alphabetical order) 🤍Aranock 🤍DavidJBradley 🤍djmuel 🤍Felixiroflife28 🤍FinntasticMrFox 🤍JessieGender1 🤍JohntheDuncan 🤍KatyMontgomerie 🤍LilySimpson 🤍MainelyMandy 🤍MarinaDove Michael Andrews - 🤍 🤍NoahSamsen 🤍oddnon 🤍PonderfulYT 🤍Salari Sarah from 🤍TheLeftistCooks 🤍SophiefromMars 🤍ThatDangDad 🤍TheWormsHole 🤍verilybitchie 🤍zoe_bee Sources: 🤍 00:00:00 : Intro 00:05:22 : The Satanic Panic 00:23:04 : The Innocent Have Nothing to Fear 00:46:28 : Save Our Children! 01:05:32 : The Accusers 01:19:30 : The Accusations 01:35:28 : What is Stochastic Terrorism 01:39:44 : Stochastic Terrorism 01:54:56 : What Do We Do 01:59:51 : Closing 02:02:23 : Credits

4 Ways Adults Are Groomed By Predators


I am a survivor of adult grooming. I am creating awareness for the adult community so that they can protect themselves and protect their children. It starts with us.

Erin Friday & Mary Rooke On The New Documentary ‘Groomed’


To watch the full show head over to 🤍 where you can download the OAN Live App to gain access to all our exclusive full-length content. Visit us at: Tired of censorship from other social media platforms? Join us on Free Talk Free Talk is OANs new social platform. Users can post, chat and connect with other members. It allows Free Speech at home, on the go and anywhere in the world, No SHADOWBANNING! 🤍 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 KlowdTV: Watch OAN Live on KlowdTV subscription prices start at $2.50 /mo 🤍

How Conservative Christianity “Groomed” Us


People seem more concerned about “grooming” than ever, but only in relation to LGBT groups. The reality is, the Christian church engages in more systematic manipulation of children than any other institution in the western world. Conservative Christianity intentionally shapes children’s views of sex, gender, and authority, using unethical means to do so. Here we explain how this is done. American Medical Association says conversion therapy doesn't work: 🤍 Founders of Exodus International apologize, disavow conversion therapy 🤍 -SUPPORT- Patreon: 🤍 PayPal: 🤍 Equipment to help the channel: 🤍 Non-sectarian Biblical Studies Courses by Dr. Bart Ehrman (affiliate link): 🤍 -FOLLOW- Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 -Resources for atheists in need- Find a Secular Therapist: 🤍 Recovering from Religion helps connect those who are leaving or have left their religion with support, resources and community: 🤍 Resources for Ex-Mu’s: 🤍 This video contains 100% therapeutic grade skepticism.* *This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA

Justin Bieber Was GROOMED As a Teen


i feel so bad for what justin had to go through as a kid /: the industry sucks… #justinbieber instagram: kaytlynstewart

Groomed At 13 Years-Old


CW: This episode contains descriptions of SA and grooming. Grooming refers to the process of building trust and emotional bonds with someone, usually a child or young person, with the intention of sexually exploiting them. It is a form of manipulation and abuse that can have long-lasting, harmful effects on the victim's mental and emotional well-being. Grooming can occur in various forms, including online and in-person, and often involves the abuser of gifts, attention, and affection. It is a tactic used by perpetrators to gradually lower the victim's defenses and gain their trust, making it easier for them to exploit them. The harm caused by grooming can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, and self-blame, and can impact the victim's relationships and ability to trust others in the future. FREE-1 year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packs with code INSANE: 🤍 Audience Survey: 🤍 If you have a unique story you'd like to share on the podcast, email wereallinsanepodcast🤍 00:00 AG1 00:20 Content Warning 00:24 Introduction 00:27 Upbringing 03:20 Omegle 06:34 Grooming Begins 10:00 Escalation & Controlling Diet 13:00 Misogynistic Messaging 15:55 Deciding To Meet Up 18:00 Meeting 22:37 SA 27:23 The Aftermath 30:35 Making Her Meet Up w/ Other Men 33:06 AG1 34:05 Trafficking 36:10 Meeting Abuser Again (SA Mentioned) 39:08 Other Girls 40:23 The End of Grooming Relationship 42:08 Finishing High School, Parents Divorce 45:23 College, Continuing S Work 47:08 BDSM Community (SA Mentioned) 58:23 Therapy and Fighting Back 59:53 Rock Bottom 1:00:23 Leaving S Work Behind & Moving Forward 1:03:23 Trauma Responses 1:04:23 Concluding Thoughts 1:08:19 Survey

"You Are Grooming Children," They Say!


👉BUY MY BEST SELLING BOOK ON AMAZON!: 🤍 🔥SCHEDULE ONLINE SESSION W/ME TO STOP PAIN OF DYSPHORIA: 🤍 Give this video a thumbs up if it's helped you 👍 #gender #therapy #selfhelp 👉NOTE: I work solely with adults and all video content is marked for adults only. As such, the information shared is based from experience working with adults only. 🙋‍♀️Hello! My name is Natalia Zhikhareva known as Dr Z in transgender community and I am a clinical psychologist or gender therapist, specializing in transgender field and I work with adults only. I provide online therapy for California, New York, Texas and Florida residents. My pronouns are she/her and you can visit my website for more info at 🤍 👍VERY HELPFUL Trans/Gender resources: 🤍 😍TRANS MASCULINE BLOG: 🤍 🤩TRANS FEMININE BLOG: 🤍 🤗NON BINARY BLOG: 🤍 🙌VISIT: 🤍 😀DISCLAIMER: Note as a clinical psychologist I created this channel to share information. Therefore I won't be providing or offering therapeutic advice. I am also not a medical doctor. When I speak on medical issues such as hormones or surgical procedures, the goal is to share information, and not to provide medical advice and you should always consult with your medical doctor. Additionally, this channel is for those seeking information, understanding, and to gain awareness.

Today I groomed a demon


Chrissy's Newest Documentary: "Groomed: How They Get Your Kids"


My newest documentary with the Daily Caller drops Tuesday, May 30. It tells the heart-breaking story of mother Erin Friday's journey to pry her daughter away from the transgender cult. Click this link to get notified when the full doc releases: 🤍 🔔 Hit the bell next to Subscribe so you never miss a video! ❤️ Like and Comment 🧍 Subscribe if you are new on the channel! Subscribe to Daily Caller: 🤍 Watch "Damaged: The Transing of America's Kids": 🤍 ➡️ Follow me on: IG: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #politicalgirl #Politics #america #liberal #conservative #commentary #culture #News #Underreported #ChrissyClark #shorts #reaction #comedy #tiktok

The LONGEST groom I've EVER done! | The Komondor Dog


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I Was Sexually Assaulted By Over 70 Men | Minutes With | @LADbible


This week we sat down with Kate Elysia, who told us how she was groomed by a gang in Telford at 18, and the events that followed. She shared how she managed to find strength to break away from it all and bring her abusers to justice. Kate's story has really moved us all, and we wish her all the very best in the future. Subscribe To Our Channel: 🤍 Be In Our Videos: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #LADbible #UNILAD To license this video please email: licensing🤍

GROOMED: They took her daughter. She took ACTION. - Trailer


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" YES I'm Being GROOMED " ...Smart Woman TRIGGERS Hopeless Modern Women | The Coffee Pod


The Inner-Circle 🤍 _ Subscribe To Chisha Zed Clips 🤍 _ Contact Me 🤍 Email Address: support🤍 _ Social Media The Coffee Pod Instagram: 🤍 Chisha Zed Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 _ Official Website 🤍 #Chishazed #Chishazedclips #Thecoffeepod

“25% of Gay People Were Groomed” - Is LGBTQ a Religion or a Sexual Orientation?


In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Frank Rodriguez, Tom Ellsworth and Jedediah Bila discuss whether LGTBQ is a religion or a sexual orientation. FaceTime or Ask Patrick any questions on 🤍 Watch the full podcast here: 🤍 Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 To reach the Valuetainment team, you can email: info🤍

Surviving this cats first grooming experience


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GROOMED: They took her daughter. She took ACTION. - Trailer


The gripping story of a mother's battle for her daughter’s innocence against transgender extremists grooming her for transition. Watch Now: 🤍

I Was Groomed as a Teen by a Christian Man


This video is about how I was groomed as a teen by a Christian man in my homeschool community. I share how it started, how the process was interrupted, and the aftermath of the experience. CW: grooming, SA, DV, emotional & psychological abuse [Content mentioned] “7 red flags that you're being groomed — how to spot the difference between a well-meaning adult and a predator” by Ashley Laderer: 🤍 “What is EMDR?” by the EMDR Institute: 🤍 [Timestamps] 00:00 - Intro & grooming definition 03:03 - I was naive and vulnerable 05:37 - An in-person conversation 08:04 - Long, intimate emails 12:50 - Secret phone calls 17:31 - His wife finds out [CW: emotional abuse] 26:15 - Weird dynamics & feelings confused 32:29 - Finding the emails as an adult 34:30 - Therapy & realizing it's not my fault [Background Music] Title: Small Emotions 🤍 Image description: Elly, who is white with brown eyes, is sitting in front of a desk as they talk to the camera. Their short brown hair is in a pony tail, and they are wearing a pink sweatshirt. In the background there is a string of lights, a green plant with small bisexual and genderqueer flags, and a vase of flowers on the desk.

The children groomed in Romania for the UK sex trade- BBC News


In every corner of the UK, women are being kept as slaves and sold for sex. Many are trafficked into the country from Romania. With police struggling to stop this brutal business, Jean Mackenzie travels through Romania to expose how it all begins. As she meets the girls being bought and sold, she uncovers the shocking secrets of this ruthless trade. Please subscribe HERE 🤍 #BBCNews

Today I groomed a Goblin


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The groomer and the groomed


A few words on my local council. Thanks to Stella for this information. The person to complain to about Councillor Catt is Paul Scully 🤍 Paul is currently the Minister responsible for local government, everyone concerned about Norwich Council's bizarre statement, with all its legal implications, should contact him. Also, they should copy in all their emails to individual councillors and to to Norwich Council's Legal officer, Leah Mickleborough, at the address leahmickeborough🤍 I suggest people also ask that Councillor Catt provides the evidence for his 'razor blades behind stickers' claim, or apologise for spreading a dangerous lie

99% of men make these grooming mistakes 🧔🏻‍♂️❌


Men are ALWAYS making these 3 grooming mistakes! Links to be the most stylish man in the room: ● Follow me on INSTAGRAM - 🤍 ● Follow me on TIKTOK: 🤍 ● Shop my Hair Products: 🤍 ● Shop my Skincare Products: 🤍 ● Shop my Clothing Brand: 🤍 ● Join my FREE Newsletter - 🤍 99% of men make these grooming mistakes 🧔🏻‍♂️❌ #Shorts #Grooming #mensgrooming Shop what I'm wearing: Hair Product: Forte Series 🤍 T-Shirt: Aetos 🤍 Check out my other videos: How to Wash Your Face Properly - 🤍 Healthy Hair Tips For Men: 🤍 My Morning Routine 2022: 🤍

"You Were Groomed" | How Narcissists Quickly Lure You into a Relationship or Marriage


In radical fashion, toxic, damaged individuals, especially narcissists and borderlines, have an innate ability to seduce and quickly lure you into a relationship or a marriage with them before they are even completely separated or divorced from their previous partner. It's completely bonkers to marry someone you just met, especially later in life when most divorced people are desperate to finding a new love. This is how narcissists are able to trap their victims by grooming them into trusting and believing that they have finally found their soul mate. It's all part of the narcissistic grooming patterns that toxic narcissists, borderlines, and psychopaths follow to the tee. If you feel you've been groomed by a narcissist into committing to a marriage or relationship way too fast, and you compromised your values for someone you had just met only to discover months later they were a monster, I urge you to watch this video till the end. ►► Private 1 On 1 Coaching & Mentoring: 🤍 If you'd like to support the channel, feel free to buy me a coffee: 🤍 ►► [Free Ebook] 5 Steps to Going NO CONTACT with a Psychopath Narcissist: 🤍 Recommended Video: Is The Narcissist LOVE BOMBING Ever Real Or Genuine At All? 🤍 #narcissist #grooming #toxicrelationships

How Do I Know if I'm Being Groomed? ft. Lucy Fallon | Voice Box | Childline


Lucy Fallon who plays Bethany Platt in Coronation Street and Childline Counsellor, Helen, chat to us about grooming. They give advice on how to spot the signs and how to get support if you're worried that you or a friend are being groomed. Advice on grooming and unhealthy relationships:🤍 Talk to Childline: 🤍 Talk to a counsellor and get confidential advice: 🤍 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ About us Childline is a free, private and confidential service for anyone under 19 in the UK. Whatever your worry, whenever you need help, however you want to get in touch. We're here for you online, on the phone, anytime. Visit our website for info and advice, games, and message boards where you can talk to other young people in a safe space. Check out our site - About Voice Box Voice Box is our weekly YouTube series, where each episode, we look at a different topic and invite some of our favourite YouTubers to help give you advice and support for whatever you're going through. We look at a range of different topics, such as mental health, sexuality, bullying, relationships and much more. To check out more of our videos, head on over to our channel! Subscribe to our YouTube channel - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Follow us on social! Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍

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